Dec 10 2021

Ivan Interview: Poetry, Spirituality & Meditating in a Cave

This is an interview I did with PMC last year about spirituality, poetry, and my own personal journey.

(The introduction and questions are in Hindi, but my responses are in English. Hopefully, an interesting puzzle to solve for non-Hindi speakers.)

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One Response to “Ivan Interview: Poetry, Spirituality & Meditating in a Cave”

  1. Mystic Meanderingon 10 Dec 2021 at 11:16 pm

    Ivan, so good to *see* you and hear you 🙂

    I cheated and skipped the questions 🙂

    I relate to your “tendency towards inward focus” and an “interior way of relating” since childhood. I would often go down into the woods as a child to just sit there on a boulder, and sometimes wrote poetry as well; a child’s poetry, not very profound, but the beginnings of finding the cadences and rhythms in words…

    Love that you found a cave to meditate! I need a cave too! 🙂 Am sure that your deep meditation helped in your writing poetry too – a practice I need to get back into – deep meditation, and writing poetry that comes from that deep silent space….

    Am fascinated with what you said about finding “keys” in profound poetry… Maybe you could expound on that in your blog writings…


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